EV System Engineer

About the Role:

We are building team for Saietta VNA in India and EV System engineer would work closely with Saietta UK engineering team and OEMs in India. EV System engineer would initially be sent to Saietta UK to learn on Saietta powertrain solution.


Role and Responsibilities:

1.     Work with OEMs in India to solve Electric Powertrain related challenges.

2.     Understand OEM requirements and how they translate into features.

3.     Responsible for all integration, calibration, and validation of Saietta Powertrain solutions to OEMs.

4.     Coordinate and collaborate with Saietta Engineering team in UK for completing development milestones and faster and accurate response to all customer queries.

5.     Travel to customer bases on regular basis to make a face to face meeting with cross functional customer team.

6.     Set Customer project Management process in line with Saietta UK process.



Technical Skills:

Automotive vehicle wiring experience

·       Knowledge of typical automotive circuits and terminals (KL30, KL15), high and low side switching arrangement

·       Knowledge of automotive fusing requirements

·       Use of basic electrical tools to solve issues and debug wiring (voltage, current, resistance & continuity measurements)

·       Wiring of CAN-bus systems (stub-lengths, termination)

·       Basic DC circuit calculations using V = IR, P = IV


CAN systems

·       Use of CAN-bus analysis software (Vector Canalyzer or similar)

·       Understanding of CAN data and interpreting data using CAN dbc files

·       Experience or awareness of CANOpen

Electric Motors

·       Awareness of typical motor design parameters and impact on performance characteristics

·       Understanding of typical angular position sensor/encoder technologies

·       Experience with motor field-oriented control, field weakening


Automotive Calibration

·       Experience changing and developing calibration on automotive modules


Data Analysis

·       Prior experience in the analysis of time-based automotive data

·       Competent use of Microsoft Excel

·       Independent presentation of data – creating plots, presentations and explaining issues


Education: Bachelors and/or Masters in  Engineering from a reputed university.

Experience: 2-5 years in EV/Automotive industry.

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